Chapter Nine: Communication Failures: Strategies of Denial of Ecological Self

This chapter will examine psychological mechanisms that lead to environmental communication failure and also the psychological, cognitive and perceptual capacities that could enable the recognition of ecological self. Because the phenomenon of denial is central to environmental communication failure, seeking strategies to circumvent and eventually break denial is central to effective communicative processes. Psychology, cognitive science and perceptual theory all shed light on obstacles and provide strategies for effective environmental communications (EC).

There are four parts to this chapter:

9.1  Denial and Acknowledgement in EC

9.2 Emerging Ecological Psychology: Mental Health in EC

9.3 Embodied Mind, Metaphor and Framing in EC

9.4  Ecological Perception vs Perceptive Myopia and the Depth Metaphor

This chapter can be downloaded here. I have also written another more comprehensive brief introduction to this chapter on my blog.


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