This site is an entry point to my 2012 PhD titled: The Visual Communication of Ecological Literacy: Designing, Learning and Emergent Ecological Perception. Chapters are introduced and can be downloaded from the links. Enjoy!


Fragmentary thinking is an obstacle to sustainability and reductive attitudes towards knowledge cannot address problems associated with complex ecological systems, or social and economic systems for that matter. Responding to this dilemma, EcoLabs uses a whole systems approach facilitated by visual communication. Ecological literacy (EL) is a powerful concept developed by sustainability educators that has the potential to create an integrated foundation for understanding environmental problems and potential solutions. Unfortunately, ecological literacy has largely failed to spread across disciplinary boundaries in the two decades since the concept was first conceived. To address this problem EcoLabs will create learning processes for ecological literacy facilitated by visual communications. This serves to synthesise different traditions while producing new visual displays and transformative learning processes. It aims to help learners develop new cognitive and social capacities including the agency to put new ideas and values into practice.


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