Dr.Boehnert + EcoLabs

Dr. Joanna Boehnert has recently finished an AHRC funded PhD at the University of Brighton, UK in the Department of Architecture and Design. Her thesis, titled The Visual Communication of Ecological Literacy: Design, Learning and Emergent Ecological Perception, describes how communication design can generate new understanding and contribute to the development of new cognitive skills and social capacities to build a basis for sustainability and ecological literacy. Joanna (also known as ‘Jody’) lived in Brixton in South London before moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2013. She is founding director of EcoLabs (http://www.eco-labs.org) and now Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Science & Technology Policy Research, in the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado.

If you would like EcoLabs to come to your university, environmental NGO, scientific organisation or design practice please get in touch. We would like to help organisations with four main objectives: 1) to develop best practice in environmental communication using visual tools and strategies; 2) to help communicate complex information and system dynamics; and 3) to embed ecological literacy in education across disciplines (although our focus is in communication and design); 4) to cross the value action / gap in sustainability communications and education. EcoLabs is in the process of re-visioning our organisational model. Watch this space.


  1. Hey Jody,

    Your visualization ideas are very impressive. Our work is focused on the same goal: changing minds, leading to inspired action.

    We believe that women are the key to moving the world toward a steady state economy and a sustainable future with a flourishing biodiversity. Before the end fo the year, Change Agents Productions may be in a postion to underwrite the cost of a collaboration with Ecolabs. If you’re open to that idea, let’s have a phone chat and see where that leads.

    FYI, we a based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

    1. Thanks Geoffrey – Yes, lets talk. I will email you. Jody.

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