Chapter One: Ecological Philosophy

One of the premises of this thesis is that there is great distance between accepting something as an intellectual truism and perceiving, thinking and acting according to this position. Another major theme is that the current way of knowing, the dominant cultural paradigm in the West is such that we are unable to deal with the complex, interconnected world in which we are situated. We suffer from an inadequate epistemology that manifests itself in our perception of the world and in our actions. Our current way of knowing determines that we are incapable of perceiving systemic interconnections between our problems and ill prepared to deal with the complexity presented by converging ecological, social and economic crises. Furthermore, hegemonic ideological, ontological and epistemological premises succeed in part because of how its infrastructure – both physical and metaphysical, is not visible. It is not that humankind cannot deal with interconnectedness and interdependence, but that this reality is effectively being hidden from us by the complexity of current conditions and the legacy of error in premises inherited from modernity.

Chapter One, titled ‘Ecological Philosophy’, is now available for download here.

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